It takes skill and dedication to your craft to rise above the ordinary, and the story of our award-winning tequila is no exception.

Exotico is handcrafted with tradition by the González Distillers – a family distillery spanning four generations and one of Mexico’s most respected makers of tequila.


It all begins with the Weber Blue Agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco. Here the red clay soil produces a larger sweeter agave heart that gives Exotico its floral well-rounded taste. Ever so slowly the agave plants rise, taking anywhere from 7 to 15 years to reach full maturity. Even then, only the best are chosen. Once selected, the distinct leaves are trimmed with a long-handled hoe-like tool called a “coa,” leaving only the “piña” – a spherical, pineapple-shaped heart.


The hearts are steam-cooked for 24 hours in stainless steel ovens to heighten their sugar content. After cooking, they’re put through a mull for what’s known as the “Molino” process.



During the “Molino” process, the agave is shredded into small pieces, and the sweet amber agave juice – or “agua miel” – is gently squeezed out. It’s this juice, with its sweet fruity aroma, that will enrich the final product.


Fermentation begins with the addition of the Exotico yeast made from a proprietary family recipe. Not all distilleries create their own yeast, but this attention to detail is what distinguishes Exotico from ordinary tequilas.



Exotico is then twice-distilled using traditional pot stills by the Master Distiller to obtain the richest parts of the “spirits” to produce the unique Exotico flavor.


To make our Reposado, the tequila takes a long rest in special white oak bourbon barrels. The wood enhances the flavor and transforms the clear tequila into a rich, dark amber. Law only requires Reposado to rest for two months. But Exotico Reposado matures for at least six months before it’s deemed worthy to rise from the distillery to you.

Like the colorful sugar skull on every bottle suggests, all good spirits and all good things shall rise. We craft every bottle with care as a way to honor all spirits unbound.

Destiladora González Lux (DGL)

Located just outside the city of Arandas, in the highlands of Jalisco, DGL sits in a prime location for the superior agave used in our premium tequilas. DGL continues the decades-old partnership in making tequila between the Lux and González families.

Our new distillery, in true González tradition, uses the same methodology to produce award-winning tequila as the family’s Destiladora González González (DGG) has been using for more than 150 years. From plant to pour, our lifelong passion for crafting tequila shines through in every variation of Exotico Tequila.